Functional Medicine

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What Is Functional Medicine?

Many of us have become so used to the rhythm of doctor’s visits that we don’t even think twice about what’s happening anymore. You come in for your appointment, participate in a few exams, and receive a diagnosis. With that diagnosis in hand, you may now be able to purchase medication or seek treatment for your condition.

While that conventional approach can help patients, it can also fall short of providing ideal results. Because your doctor is focused on finding a singular explanation for your complaints, they may not realize there’s more to learn about your condition. Functional medicine fills in the gaps so patients can receive comprehensive treatment for the issues they’re dealing with.

Practitioners of functional medicine don’t just find a diagnosis that fits the problem you came in for. Instead, they evaluate each of your symptoms so they can uncover their potential causes. They then investigate those connections to determine if there may be other underlying health problems causing your symptoms.

To provide an accurate accounting of your current condition, your chiropractor will consider your medical history. They will check if any of your symptoms may be related to chronic conditions or illnesses you dealt with previously.

Other factors that practitioners of functional medicine consider include the environments you’re frequently exposed to, your genetics, and your lifestyle habits. They will continue looking for possible connections until they are confident they fully understand your symptoms. Your treatment can alleviate all of your symptoms because your chiropractor took the time to study them further.

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What Are the Benefits of Functional Medicine?

What does receiving comprehensive treatment based on functional medicine mean for your current condition? For one, it means you’re getting personalized care. Chiropractors who use this approach cannot provide cookie-cutter solutions. They have to provide a solution that fits your specific needs.

Functional medicine can also reduce your trips to the doctor. Since your chiropractor is addressing all of your symptoms, you don’t have to worry about some of them causing problems in the near future.

Your chiropractor can also do more than treat your symptoms using functional medicine. They can also improve your current level of wellness so you can enjoy a higher quality of life. Things you’ve struggled with for years including chronic joint pain, headaches, and reduced flexibility should disappear after your treatment.

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