Treatment Option for Back Pain

How pregnancy and chiropractic relate


If you are pregnant, then it is important for you to be seeing a chiropractor. Countless changes are experienced when a woman becomes pregnant. Not only do they experience hormonal changes, nut they also experience biomechanical and postural changes. Lower back pain is very common in pregnant women and this is why chiropractic care is important as it offers safe, non-invasive kind of care to pregnant which in turn helps them ease the pain and have the baby in an easier way.

The various changes that occur

When one is pregnant, you undergo various kinds of changes. It is very important to nourish and carry your baby in a healthy way. One of the changes is that the center of your gravity will shift forward as your baby keeps on growing and the pelvis tends to tilt anteriorly which will cause the muscles in your lower back to become tightened and shortened while the gluteal and hamstrings muscles become weakened and stretched. The curves which are located in the lumbar and cervical regions are increased which places extra stress on the neck and the lower back. Also, the round ligaments that are attached to the womb become under a lot of pressure when one is pregnant which may cause a lot of pain both in the lower back and abdomen. Chiropractors will use soft tissue technique that is very gentle which will help you loosen the tight ligaments which will help reduce pain.

Relieving pain in a safe way

Diversified chiropractic movements are ideal and not harmful to the baby and the mother as well during the whole period of the pregnancy. Unique pillows and tablets are provided to pregnant women can be able to stay in a face down position while they are receiving treatment. These chiropractic treatments aid in joint movement especially in joints that are not moving in the way that they should. The same adjustments go to the front of the pelvis which usually go through a lot of stress when you are pregnant. Eagan Chiropractic tends to offer a wide variety of safe forms of pain relief without necessarily using prescription drugs or invasive procedures.

Having a pleasant pregnancy in a natural way

Women who receive regular chiropractic care tend to have faster and easier deliveries. The use of the Webster Breech technique is a kind of technique that helps reduce the uterine torsion which enables the baby to turn itself into a proper position which is less painful during delivery and also very safe for the mother as well as the child. Pain can also cause stress and anxiety which may cause health problems for both the mother and the baby. Regular adjustment may help eliminate and ease this kind of pain.

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