Neck Pain

Types of chronic neck pain


Acute attacks of neck pain are common problems in humans. It is estimated that 3 out of 4 people will suffer them at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, not all of this 75% of humans will show up at the chiropractor in Eagan like they should!

While the exact causes of these pain bouts are not clear, it is rarely an indication of a severe problem in or around the neck. Sometimes, the pain may not rest at the neck only. It could also spread to the shoulders and the upper torso or even to the hands. The doctor’s diagnosis is usually straight forward and tests are not generally administered. The pains subside after a few days in most cases. You can also try painkillers if the pain is not going away. Should they become chronic, you are advised to see a doctor.

Non-specific pain

A non specific neck pain refers to those attacks whose origin is not clear. Poor posture or minor sprains are usually the source of this type of pain. Some practitioners also call it the mechanical neck pain. People who spend hours hunched at desks or computer work stations are more susceptible to non specific neck pains than the general population.

Whiplash Neck Pains

They happen when the head is suddenly jerked forwards or backwards or both. This causes the neck muscles and ligaments to stretch beyond normal levels. It is a common injury in motor accidents where sudden neck movements are experienced. A severe whiplash can severely damage the spine and cause damage that is far worse than neck pains.

Sudden-onset torticollis

When the neck is twisted extremely to one side, sometimes it turns out to be really painful to move it back to position. These pains are referred to as acute or sudden onset torticollis. It may be caused by exposing certain neck muscles to cold or cold surfaces. Minor sprains or stretched ligaments and muscles also contribute to this problem.


This is when neck pains are attributed to the wear and tear of bones in and around the spine. This is usually found in people over fifty years of age where some degree of degeneration is expected. Keeping active and regular medical checkups can help one lead a quality life even with age related wear and tear.

Rarer causes

In rare cases, neck pains may be caused by other severe causes other than the muscles and ligaments. Arthritis, cancer, infections, nerve and spine disorders or bone disorders can be the source of chronic neck pains. Hen this type of pain sets in, simple remedies may not be effective and consulting with a specialist is the best way to tackle them. One should also consult a doctor immediately if they experience numbness of the limbs or a sensation of ‘pins and needles’ accompanied by neck pains.